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Stendra and Deliver: FDA Approves New Drug

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgAs expected, the FDA approved avanafil, the newest erectile dysfunction drug. No word on when it will actually go to market

It will be interesting to see if the drug catches on. Viagra is such a well established brand, it's synonymous with erectile dysfunction drugs as a class (that may actually be a synedoche, rather than a synonym, but I'm not sure -  it's been a while since Lit 101). Viagra has a loyal following, especially among older users. Not to stereotype, but with age sometimes comes a resistance to change - or an attitude of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

So unless guys are really unhappy with Viagra's wait time or having bad side effects, I would guess that not a lot of current users would switch. On the other hand, Stendra might appeal to younger users looking into using ED medication for the first time.

The 30 to 60-minute lead time required for Viagra works adequately for couples who have an established sexual relationship, or even a routine. Stendra's 15 to 30-minute activation time, however, fits better with the lifestyles of casual daters and more spontaneous types.

It also takes some of the guesswork out of that important decision: whether to pop the pill in the first place - and leaves less time for things to go off the rails or for your partner to lose interest before the main event begins.

In any case, at this point the drug's maker, Vivus doesn't pose much of a threat to the Viagra empire. Analysts project annual sales for Stendra to be $300 million next year, compared to the $2 billion Pfizer netted in 2011 for Viagra sales.

Avanafil: Almost Ready - Just Give Them 15 Minutes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for research_icon.jpgThere may soon be a new upstart entering the ED market - in a few days, the FDA will be reviewing Avanafil, the quick-acting PDE5 inhibitor.

The drug has already been approved in Korea, and has gone through Phase III testing in the US. Chances are, it will get approved in the US.

So, will another ED drug have an impact on the market? Probably not much, given that they all do pretty much the same thing. Avanafil's benefit is that it gets things going a bit faster than Viagra or other drugs and therefore might appeal to different users:

"Men who have a pattern of sexual activity that's predictable -- every Saturday night, or something like that, don't need this." Dr. Ira Sharlip a urologist at UC San Francisco and expert in the field of sexual medicine, sees the drug appealing to those who have more casual or sporadic encounters "If you see that things are heading in that direction, you pop a pill and are ready in 15 minutes, if  correct."

On the other hand, Avanafil clears the system quicker, so while it may cut down the wait time for the fun to start , it may be over sooner too.

One thing Avanafil has in its favor is that the side effects seem to be milder, especially the more serious cardiac symptoms. The headaches and stuffy nose just seem to come with the territory, but most users tolerate them.

Sharlip had an interesting take on some of Viagra's other supposed side-effects. "Despite what the FDA says, I have never seen priapism from any PDE5 inhibitor drug. Priapism is just not a clinical problem. Blue vision with Viagra is uncommon and at worst annoying. Most men who get the blue vision with Viagra don't care about it," he said.

Huh. I'd think that would be a little disturbing, but who knows - maybe some people like looking at the world through Viagra tinted"glasses.

Viagra Motivation for Hump Day

Thumbnail image for humor_icon.jpgIt's Wednesday, mid-week. Need a little motivation to get you through to Friday? How about demotivation - plus some Viagra. Here are some of our favorites from around the web. There are a lot of demotivational poster sites around, but we're partial to the original, Despair Inc. Want to make your own sign? Head on over to their poster generator.

green m and m s.jpg
viagra factory.jpg

Patent Raiders! Teva Attacks From the North

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgSomebody at small-to-midsized pharma company Teva Pharmaceuticals must  have a real David-and-Goliath complex, or a chip on their shoulder the size of a Subaru. After doubling down on their previous patent challenges to Pfizer - and getting hit with some hefty penalties - Teva is taking another run at the Viagra empire in their bid to win rights to pump out a generic version of the drug. But this time they're attacking from the north, as Teva Canada Limited leads the charge, taking their case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Their last angle didn't fly with the courts, so they're trying a new tack - claiming Pfizer's patent should be invalid because the drugmaker didn't provide enough information about Viagra's active ingredient. According to Teva, Pfizer's application gave a laundry list of ingredients, but didn't single out sildenafil as the active compound. Little late to be bringing that up now, don't you think?

That's maybe not as extreme as Teva's previous claim that Pfizer committed fraud when it filed it's initial patent for Viagra. Apparently the court doesn't find it frivolous, since it agreed to hear the case - but maybe the court is planning to make Teva an example of what not to do.. 

On the other hand, if they win, the payoff for Teva could be huge - they could sue for years of lost sales.

Rice Gone Wild: Cooking With Sildenafil?

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgCounterfeit Viagra smugglers are finding more creative ways of getting their products to market. Last month, Canadian border patrols intercepted a March 12 shipment of rice cookers from China that were filled with bogus Viagra and Levitra. The innocent looking appliances, covered with floral decals, concealed the contraband under their lids and inside their electrical works.

The pills came in authentic-looking blister packs, marked with expiration dates. Officials say some of the pills contained no pharmaceuticals at all, while some contained four times the amount of a real tablet. The 2,400 pills had an estimated value of almost 50K.

While we certainly don't condone counterfeit Viagra, we have to say, this has got to be the most perfect cooking accessory if you're planning on making any of our Viagra recipes. Or if you like to have sex in the kitchen frequently.

Hello - 911? Get Me Some Viagra, Quick!

Thumbnail image for humor_icon.jpgHere's a good case for never being caught without your Viagra: a 43-year-old German man found himself unexpectedly on a one-night stand gone wild. After meeting his partner, an apparently insatiable cougar four years his senior, in a Munich bar, the two repaired back to her apartment. There she put him through his paces...again, and again, and again.

She persisted even after the poor guy was exhausted, but "because he saw no other alternative, he complied with the woman's wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment," a police spokesman said.

So, that would be - what? seven, eight, ten times they got it on by then? Even after that, she still wouldn't let him go and blocked his exit from the apartment. Eventually he fled onto a balcony, where he took refuge and called for police. And when they arrived? - she tried to seduce them too.

Come to think of it, maybe Viagra was to blame for getting the guy into this mess to begin with. I mean, how could he physically perform that many times without some help? But even though Viagra might have raised her expectations of his stamina, there are reasonable limits to what it can do.

As for the woman, she's facing possible charges of assault and illegal restraint - and will probably be hearing from a few drug companies looking to harness the secret of her unstoppable libido for a female Viagra drug.

Is My Viagra Tax Deductible?

Thumbnail image for faq-icon.jpgCan I write Viagra off as a medical expense on my taxes?

It's mid-April and the tax deadline is quickly approaching. You have a couple of extra days this year because the 15th falls on a Sunday - taxes are due the 17th. Of course, you want to take every deduction possible, so by all means, don't forget to write off your Viagra if you're taking medical deductions.

How do you know if you can take medical deductions at all? Well, IRS Publication 502 lays it all out for you. Your total medical expenses have to exceed  7.5% of your adjusted gross income; you can deduct the amount over that 7.5%. In order to take the deduction, you'll have to use a tax form, like the 1040 (no 1040EZ) that includes itemized deductions. Oh, just go get TurboTax. Or go to H and R Block.

What's that? You're shy about telling the tax preparer that you take Viagra? Probably you won't need to. You usually don't have to specify every single item you're deducting. Your tax accountant will probably have you complete a worksheet where you'll need to fill in the total for prescription drugs - but you won't need to list them individually.

Do save the pharmacy receipts for your Viagra, though! You will need them in case you ever get audited. This is another reason to be sure that you only get prescription Viagra, and get it from a reputable source. It's OK if you've ordered it from an online pharmacy, as long as it's prescribed. If ordering online, it's best to order from a US pharmacy. It's generally safer for health reasons, and the IRS has some rules excluding drugs shipped from other countries.

Some people might not think of deducting their Viagra because it's often considered a "lifestyle" drug - but if you're taking it because you have erectile dysfunction, and not just because you're partying, it's being used to treat a medical condition and meets the criteria for being a deductible expense.

Nurse Hathaway Handles Hard Viagra Case

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgIn entertainment news, our favorite drug plays a supporting role in Stand Up Guys, a gangster dramedy in the works, starring Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, and Christopher Walken.

Stand Up Guys
already sounds like a Viagra joke just from the title, especially when you find out it's not about comedians doing club routines, but about geriatric hitmen out for one night of living it up before one of them has to take the big sleep.

Apparently the evening's adventures include Viagra, because Al Pacino ends up in the emergency room after OD'ing on it. Cue Julianna Margulies. Yes! Nurse Carol Hathaway from ER. No typecasting here.

Margulies character treats Pacino's "condition", but before you get any ideas, remember that the treatment for priapism usually involves inserting shunts or using syringes to draw off excess blood from the engorged organ. If that's not enough to make you cringe, how about Pacino in a hospital gown?

Rumor has it that female senators in Ohio pushing for legislation that will require men to take a cardiac stress test and watch Stand Up Guys before obtaining a Viagra prescription.

Forget the Viagra, Just Hold Me

Thumbnail image for research_icon.jpgHaving trouble getting it up? Maybe you just need a hug.

The latest news from the erectile dysfunction front is a recently published case study is that  the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin, which is  linked to emotional bonding between sexual partners and mothers and infants, has been found to have dramatic effects on male libido and erectile capability, at least in some individuals.

Same as Viagra, the discovery of oxytocin's effect on male performance was accidental. The subject described in the case study was given the hormone in a nasal spray to help with social phobia and social difficulties related to Aspberger's syndrome. It helped some with that, but the unexpected payoff was in the bedroom.

His libido improved, going from "very weak" to strong, and his erections and orgasms were better - 46% better, going by a assessment scale someone dreamed up to quantify these things.

However, the  treatment was not without its side effects. The man "also hugged a work colleague in a 'very out of character' way." 

Since this is only one case, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Will the hormone work similarly for men without Asperger's? Other research on oxytocin indicates it might, as over 25% of men in an unrelated study experienced improved erections when given oxytocin. Viagra also stimulates oxytocin production, which may account for part of its effect.

Only time will tell how this will pan out, but one of the scientists involved with the discovery and development of Viagra predicts that an oxytocin-based treatment could have 'blockbuster potential'.

Dutchmen Do It Over the Counter

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgOh, those crazy Dutch - they'll legalize practically anything. Walk into an Amsterdam coffee shop and you can get a hash brownie to go with your cafe Americano; go into a candy store and you'll probably find a jar of fentanyl lollipops next to the cash register. So it's no surprise that the Dutch Institute for Responsible Medicine Use is recommending that Viagra be made available over the counter.

"Enough is now known about the side-effects of these medicines and the people they are suitable for or not," said Ruud Coolen, the Institute's director. "A visit to the doctor is no longer necessary. A pharmacist can judge it perfectly well."

Their rationale for making Viagra OTC is based on drug safety and health considerations. Viagra is a "shame pill", they say, and too many people resort to buying it from disreputable sources for the sake of anonymity. Those sketchy pills are often substandard and may be tainted with dangerous ingredients.

Fair enough, but how many guys do you think are actually going to go to Walgreen's (or the Dutch equivalent) and take the walk of shame down aisle 9 to the checkout?

Could I Be Allergic to Viagra?

Is it possible to be allergic to Viagra? What are the symptoms?

Thumbnail image for faq-icon.jpgIt's possible to be allergic to any drug, or a component in a drug, such as a filler or coloring. Viagra allergies are rare, but yes, it's possible.

There are certain side effects of Viagra that are normal, though. If you're having nasal congestion, that might seem like an allergy symptom, but it is a fairly common Viagra side effect. Facial flushing is also a common side effect, and could be mistaken for a rash.

However, if you develop a skin rash, itching, or hives after taking Viagra, this could be a sign of an allergy. Likewise, any kind of swelling of the face, lips, or tongue could indicate a serious allergic reaction. If you have wheezing or difficulty breathing after taking Viagra, you should get medical attention. These are all signs of an anaphylactic  reaction, which can be life-threatening.

If you think you've had an allergic reaction to Viagra, don't take it again. Allergic reactions can worsen dramatically from one exposure to the next, so while one reaction may be mild, the next one could be fatal. It's not worth taking a chance.

Viagra Libre!

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgItalian pharmacists on strike? Lady lawmakers imposing unreasonable regulations to block your prescription? Don't worry fellas, all you need to do is head to Argentina to score some free Viagra, courtesy of the Argentinian state of Santa Fe.

The province's state-run pharmaceutical factory is gearing up to produce generic sildenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well as a pediatric formulation for treating pulmonary hypertension.

Health Minister Miguel Cappiello told the media that "They're moving forward on the trials to produce sildenafil, which will be distributed free among those who need it, to deal with different conditions within the framework of the public policies on the production of medications."

What about Pfizer's patent, you ask? Good question. U.S. patent courts ruled that Pfizer's patent on the use of sildenafil to treat ED is good till 2019. But this is Argentina, hombre! Pfizer lost their Latin America patents a long time ago.

Viva Viagra indeed!

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