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Could we see generic Viagra soon?

Bloomberg reports that Pfizer is fighting hard to keep its Viagra patents:

Pfizer said it owns the patents for the drug, one of which expires in October 2019 and another in March 2012. It said in the complaint today it's suing to block generic sales until the 2019 patent expires.
"Generic" Viagra, of course, is easily available online, manufactured in India, China, or elsewhere. Only Pfizer-made Viagra is FDA-approved and legal for sale in the US. The question is whether that will all change in March 2012 or in 2019.

For Viagra users, it's only a price issue. Generic sildenafil citrate would cost less than the name-brand version, but it would still require a prescription.

One interesting possibility is that if Pfizer loses its patent claims, and generics hit the market in 2012, we might see Pfizer push hard to make Viagra available over-the-counter.

Myth #7: Viagra Automatically Produces an Erection

myth_icon.jpgOne of the most common misconceptions about Viagra is that after you take the pill, you'll automatically get an erection. Previous erectile dysfunction drugs, which were injected into the penis, did function like that.

Viagra, though, doesn't produce an erection. It only creates the potential for having an erection if aroused. In other words, if you're not turned on, even if you take Viagra, you won't get hard.

Please don't misunderstand us. For many men on Viagra, erections are embarrassingly easy to come by. For them, it's like being 17 again, where holding hands with a girl was enough to make you stand at complete attention. 

Viagra may make it easier to get aroused, but there still needs to be some sexual attraction or excitement involved to achieve an erection. As we've explained before, Myth #1: Viagra is an aphrodisiac, so it won't help get you in the mood. All it does is get the plumbing right so you can physically get an erection when you're psychologically and emotionally ready for one.

Viagra Helps Muscular Dystrophy Kids

The wonder drug keeps on working wonders:

Viagra may one day be used to minimize heart problems for pre-teen and adolescent boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Apparently, children who suffer from this disease develop heart problems, and they are hoping that by taking Viagra they will develop fewer heart problems and live longer.

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