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Can Viagra actually make me bigger?

I've heard that Viagra can actually increase penis size. Is that true?

First, let's be clear. Viagra is not a penis enlargement pill. It is an erection-inducing pill.

However, for years we've received reports from readers that they felt like Viagra made them longer or thicker than usual. Here are just a few of the dozens of reports we've received:

"My wife said that the Viagra made my dick bigger than it has ever been."
"She noticed I was both longer and thicker."
"I am bigger and harder than ever before, and i shoot my load farther than I have ever seen."
"Lasted much,much longer than usual. Bigger and longer in size also."

What is going on here? Could Viagra actually be increasing penis size?

We think there are two things going on. A full erection is likely to be larger than the partial erection many men get without Viagra; in this case, men may actually be bigger on Viagra. They probably aren't bigger than they were when they didn't have erectile difficulties, but they may in fact be bigger than the have been since suffering from ED.

Another factor is that Viagra does make men harder than usual, often even harder than they were before they had ED. Being so hard can feel to their partner like they are bigger. In other words, they may be making a bigger impression, even though the actual size may not be increased.

We don't know of any clinical studies of this issue, so we're left with this anecdotal evidence and our best guesses. But these consistent reports should not be ignored. 

"Viagra Effect" or same old same old?

The blogosphere is abuzz with talk of a "Viagra effect" in Brazil, where older men are marrying much younger woman. This is a problem for the pension system, since the women continue receiving benefits after the man dies.

Of course, as the all of the news articles about this issue make plain, this trend started way before the advent of Viagra.

Fact is, a very young woman looking for sex is going to look to someone about her age. Viagra doesn't turn a 50 year-old man into a 19 year-old man; it only gives him a strong erection. That's a benefit, to be sure, but it isn't some magical love potion. Women marrying much older men are doing so for economic reasons, not carnal ones.

Viagra isn't likely to have demographic effects in this way. Its effects are more small-scale. They are psychological, giving men confidence and removing strain from marriages.

Is it more difficult to ejaculate when taking Viagra?

Is it harder to cum when taking VIagra?

Some men do find it more difficult to ejaculate when taking Viagra. They can maintain an erection, but find that their sensitivity is decreased, and so it is difficult to reach climax. For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, of course, this can be a godsend. For other men, however, it can be a problem.

The main thing we recommend in this kind of situation is taking a lower dose of the drug. Too high of a dose can make you feel "too hard" which decreases sensitivity. Try halving the dose, even if you're only taking 25mg. You may find this works better.

The other thing you can try is masturbating by yourself with Viagra. That way, you can get used to the sensations and learn how to bring yourself to orgasm on the drug without the pressure of performing with someone else. This may help things go easier when you are later with a partner.


Why Has Viagra Stopped Working?

I've been taking Viagra for two years but recently it's stopped working. What can I do?

In a situation like this, the first thing we'd recommend is going to see your doctor, Whatever is the underlying cause of your ED may be getting worse, or some new problem may have developed, so you want to get a full physical to make sure everything is OK.

If that doesn't turn up anything, try to figure out if anything else has changed. If you are taking Viagra at a different time of day, after different foods or alcohol, etc. that may have an effect. Try taking it on an empty stomach and without any alcohol to see if that is more effective.

You can always try increasing your dose; 100mg is the maximum dose per day. The downside of a higher dose is that you're likely to experience more side effects.

The other option is to try another drug like Levitra or Cialis; those may be more effective.

It's important to remember, though, that all of these drugs require sufficient stimulation. If for some reason you aren't being excited like you were before, that could be the culprit. It could be a psychological or emotional issue and have nothing to do with the drug at all.

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