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V For Valentine's?

As Valentine's Day approaches, the media is buzzing with stories about Viagra. MSNBC.com tell us that sales of Viagra grow before Valentine's Day. A new film called Orgasm, Inc. is debuting this Valentine's Day and talking about the perils of developing "female Viagra."  With all the buzz, it's worth reflecting a bit on the "romantic" pluses, and minuses, of the magic pill.

The dream of Viagra, as shown in the TV and magazine ads, is of a long-married couple taking advantage of its pharmaceutical magic to deepen their long, committed, and fruitful relationship. This is the romantic story of Viagra, and in many cases, it's probably not too far from the mark.

Viagra's reality, though, is a lot more interesting and a lot more varied. Plenty of seniors, both married and unmarried, are finding that Viagra is enhancing their ability to have casual sex. Reports are that nursing homes are more active than ever. Young people without erectile difficulties are taking it to boost performance, get harder, and last longer.

There's a dark side too, and that shouldn't be forgotten. There are plenty of women in relationships with men who take a pill and then make unreasonable demands. The men get this magic new ability, and the women feel like they are being used as a prop.

How Viagra works is simple and it is very widely effective, on a physical level. However, each user brings their own experience, interests, passions, and relationships. So it's a multifaceted pill, just as romance has many faces.

Can I take Viagra twice in one day?

Can I take Viagra twice in one day?

If you need to go two rounds in one day, it might seem logical to take two doses of Viagra. However, the official dosing instructions for Viagra are only for once a day. Though the drug loses most of its effectiveness after a few hours, it's still in your system. So, we recommend sticking to the one-dose-a-day instructions.

If you're planning to make it an all-day-affair, you might consider trying out Cialis. Cialis is famous for its longer effectiveness, they don't call it the "weekender" for nothing. 

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