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Myth #8: Viagra Works Miracles for Everyone Involved

myth_icon.jpgAs our hundreds of testimonials show, many couples do find Viagra to be a miracle drug. However, Viagra doesn't always produce such good results.

For one thing, Viagra doesn't work for everyone. For instance, for those who've had prostate surgery, the drug helps some people while it doesn't help others. People with diabetes or circulatory problems report similar results. It works wonders for some and doesn't do much for others.

Even for those who it does help, a strong erection isn't always enough. If there are problems in a marriage, the mere ability to get hard won't solve them. For some older couples, the wife may have lost interest in sex long ago; the husband's new-found vigor might not find a willing participant. Another concern is that sometimes men go overboard with their new-found virility and start engaging as sex as more sport than loving communication.

Viagra is only one part of the puzzle. It works on the plumbing, but doesn't work on the other parts of a relationship. That's not to downplay its effectiveness or it miraculous potential; for many people it truly is a wonder drug. For others, though, a realistic attitude towards its strengths and weaknesses will result in a happier outcome for everyone involved.

Chewable Viagra and Pharmaceutical Innovation

The New York Times has an interesting piece bout how the makers of ED drugs are trying to make them easier to take. Apparently, Pfizer just started test marketing chewable Viagra in Mexico: Viagra Jet. Levitra is also being sold in Europe as a dissolvable tablet.

Of course, there's nothing new about any of this. People have been crushing up their Viagra and Levitra pills for years, and "generic" Viagra makers have been producing chewable, dissolvable, and even breath-strip-style sildenafil citrate for a long time.

The big question, which the article mentions, is when Viagra will go generic. Once each manufacturer can make its own version of sildenafil citrate, we'll see a lot of innovation in delivery mechanisms. That's good news for the many men who want to lessen the lag time between taking the Viagra and seeing the effects. The conventional diamond-shaped tablet isn't the best way to deliver a fast-acting pharmaceutical.

The need for a prescription to get these drugs is what really, in the end, is impeding innovation. However, don't look for these drugs to go OTC -- ever. Those in charge are just too puritanical to let men take control of their own sexuality...

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