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Whither Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's been in the news lately. Legislators are fleeing the state and the governor's succeeding in punishing teachers because they don't vote Republican often enough. Think the machinations of a home of Laverne and Shirley has no relation to Viagra? Think again:

The Milwaukee teachers union has dropped a lawsuit seeking to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back. The union sued in July 2010 to force the school board to again include the erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plans.

With the background of recent events, there's not much surprise there. It's a shame, though, that petty politics have to affect men this way. Erectile dysfunction is a real medical problem, and Viagra is a real treatment for that medical condition. It should be covered by insurance, just like other drugs. Faux puritanism shouldn't be a factor in determining medical coverage.

Let's be clear though. The vilification of Viagra isn't about saving money and it's not even anti-sex. It's just a political game.

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