Rice Gone Wild: Cooking With Sildenafil?

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgCounterfeit Viagra smugglers are finding more creative ways of getting their products to market. Last month, Canadian border patrols intercepted a March 12 shipment of rice cookers from China that were filled with bogus Viagra and Levitra. The innocent looking appliances, covered with floral decals, concealed the contraband under their lids and inside their electrical works.

The pills came in authentic-looking blister packs, marked with expiration dates. Officials say some of the pills contained no pharmaceuticals at all, while some contained four times the amount of a real tablet. The 2,400 pills had an estimated value of almost 50K.

While we certainly don't condone counterfeit Viagra, we have to say, this has got to be the most perfect cooking accessory if you're planning on making any of our Viagra recipes. Or if you like to have sex in the kitchen frequently.

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