Steve Austin: "I Don't Always Take a Pill for ED, But When I Do..."

news-icon.jpgViagra now has another outstanding celebrity endorsement! In a recent podcast, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin went public with his use of the little blue pill.

Like some other celebs who have copped to using Viagra, the fifty-year-old Austin stopped short of saying that he actually needed the pill to do the deed: "I can f*ck without Viagra or Cialis, but I f*ck better with Viagra than if I don't take Viagra. So, at 50 years of age, I'm into reality, and the reality is -- at 50 -- I've got more years behind me than I do in front of me. So, I wanna enjoy these next few motherf*cking years to the maximum enjoyment that I can enjoy."

Steve raises a good point: You don't have to be having complete sexual dysfunction to benefit from using Viagra. But sexual function does decline with age, and many men in mid-life simply find that they perform better and more consistently when using the drug. 

Austin mentioned that while he has used both Viagra and Cialis, he wouldn't consider mixing the medications: "[I] take Viagra. I also take Cialis, but you never take those things at the same time. If you're gonna take Viagra, you stick with the Viagra. If you're gonna take Cialis, stick with the Cialis. You can't flip-flop back-and-forth [because] it's bad for you medically." 

Well, Austin's obviously not a doctor, and neither are we, but that seems like sound advice. 

So if you've been on the fence about whether to use Viagra, consider Stone Cold's words of wisdom: "[I]t makes me f*ck better, and when I f*ck, I'm pretty goddamn happy."