Is it more difficult to ejaculate when taking Viagra?

Is it harder to cum when taking VIagra?

Some men do find it more difficult to ejaculate when taking Viagra. They can maintain an erection, but find that their sensitivity is decreased, and so it is difficult to reach climax. For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, of course, this can be a godsend. For other men, however, it can be a problem.

The main thing we recommend in this kind of situation is taking a lower dose of the drug. Too high of a dose can make you feel "too hard" which decreases sensitivity. Try halving the dose, even if you're only taking 25mg. You may find this works better.

The other thing you can try is masturbating by yourself with Viagra. That way, you can get used to the sensations and learn how to bring yourself to orgasm on the drug without the pressure of performing with someone else. This may help things go easier when you are later with a partner.


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