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Helping restore hope and dignity to Viagra abusers...

Who We Are: Viagraholics Anonymous is a group of men dedicated to helping each other overcome a common problem: abuse of Viagra. As we came to understand that our behavior was out of control, and saw the destructive toll that Viagra was taking on our lives and relationships, we searched for a solution. Out of our despair came this simple program and organization designed to help other men such as ourselves conquer this life-destroying dependency.

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to common questions about Viagra abuse and Viagra dependency: Is Viagra addictive? How can V.A. help?

Viagraholics Quiz -  If you think you have a problem with Viagra, take this quiz.

Signs of Viagraholism - Do you recognize these signs in yourself or someone you love?

Jack's Story - "I had to get more pills. I was in a downward spiral with no way out..."

Ben's Story -  "Looking back, I see how selfish and inconsiderate I was. That's how Viagra can warp your thinking."

The Road to Recovery - There is hope for men dependent on Viagra...and there is help available. Find out how to take the first steps.


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