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Viagraholics Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you could have a problem with Viagra.

  1. Have you been worried about your Viagra use?
  2. Has your wife or girlfriend complained that you are taking Viagra too often?
  3. Do you ever take Viagra even when you don't want to have sex, just to "get it up"?
  4. Have you ever missed work because of Viagra?
  5. Have you lied to a doctor to get Viagra?
  6. Do you take Viagra while alone?
  7. When confronted, do you deny using Viagra?
  8. Do you exceed your prescribed Viagra dosage?
  9. Have you changed your daily routine so that you can use Viagra?
  10. Do you hide your Viagra pills?
  11. Have you tried to quit Viagra for a week, but found yourself unable to go without it for more than a day?
  12. Do you take Viagra to feel better about yourself?
  13. Do you stash Viagra around your home or office?
  14. Do you become depressed or despondent when your Viagra supply runs out?
  15. Have you told yourself, "I can stop using Viagra anytime I want"?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be a Viagraholic.

This quiz is informational and is not meant to be a substitute for diagnosis by a trained health professional.

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