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Warning Signs of Viagraholism

These are some of the behaviors and patterns exhibited by those who are in a state of Viagra dependency or are verging on Viagra abuse. If you see these signs in yourself, it may indicate that you have a Viagra problem.

  1. Viagra-seeking behavior.
  2. Viagraholics will do anything to maintain a supply of their drug, and as the dependency progresses, their actions may become more desperate. They may lie to doctors, exaggerating or making up symptoms of erectile dysfunction to obtain prescriptions. They may obtain multiple prescriptions from different doctors or online pharmacies. They may resort to stealing friends' Viagra, or buying Viagra on the street.
  3. Escalating Viagra use.
  4. Typically a problem Viagra user will begin taking the drug occasionally, then more frequently, until it becomes a regular habit or part of his routine. The amount of the dosages may increase, as well as the frequency of use. If you find your Viagra use steadily increasing over time, you may be becoming viagra dependent.
  5. Missing work because of Viagra.
  6. The Viagra abuser may miss work or take "sick days" because of the effects of too much Viagra. These include the results of sexual overactivity, including exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and chafed and sore genitalia. Also, Viagra abusers may find themselves unable to leave the house in order to maintain their work schedule and other commitments because of persistent and uncontrollable erection
  7. Viagra use affects personal relationships.
  8. Viagra abusers may lose friendships because they are too busy having sex all the time, or alienate their friends by constantly bragging about how much they got or how long they can keep it up. Their relationships with their wives and girlfriends may suffer if their sexual demands exceed those of their partner, especially if they choose to fulfill those needs outside of the relationship.
  9. Viagra-related health problems.
  10. Viagra abusers may develop health conditions related to abuse of the drug, including exhaustion; sleep deprivation; chafed, sore, swollen, and red genitalia; and strained groin muscles.
  11. Continuing to take Viagra despite negative consequences.
  12. Despite the problems caused by their Viagra use, Viagra abusers continue taking the drug, even when they are aware that Viagra is the source of their troubles.
  13. Taking Viagra daily.
  14. If you are taking VIagra every day, or more than once a day, you are using Viagra too much.
  15. Taking Viagra first thing in the morning.
  16. Unless you work in the adult entertainment industry, if you're starting the day with a dose of Viagra, you've got a problem.
  17. Developing a "tolerance" to Viagra.
  18. Men who abuse Viagra on a regular basis may find they need to take larger and larger doses to get the same effect.
  19. Overspending on Viagra.
  20. Chronic Viagra abusers may spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month to support their habit. They may neglect other financial responsibilities, use up their savings, or max out their credit cards in order to buy more Viagra.
  21. Taking Viagra alone, or "just to get an erection."
  22. Taking Viagra when you are alone, when you are not really interested in having sex, or just to get a erection for the heck of it are all behaviors associated with Viagra abuse. You may be using Viagra to cope with feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem, or boredom.

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