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An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

To Our Fellow Viagraholic:

We feel your pain. We've been there, and we too have suffered the humiliation and shame of having our lives torn apart by Viagra abuse.

Rush, it doesn't have to be this way. We at Viagraholics Anonymous are here to offer you hope.

We faced our addiction and are now on the path of recovery. If we can do it, so can you. We're your brothers, and we want to help you spare yourself any more suffering due to this insidious addiction.

We know all the games. Hiding the pills. Lying to doctors. Getting multiple prescriptions, or prescriptions in someone else's name. We tried all the same tricks, and like you, eventually most of us got caught.

Rush, your experience at the Palm Beach airport was a wake-up call. Sometimes it takes a moment like this to shake you up and make you realize that you do, indeed, have a problem with Viagra. We call this "hitting bottom." Use this opportunity to turn your life back toward sanity.

You can make jokes about it all you want; it's your job, after all, to entertain people. But we know how you're hurting inside. You can kid others, but don't kid yourself - this addiction will destroy your life, your career, your health, and your relationships.

The first step in recovery is to admit that you're powerless over Viagra. Then, with support from other recovered Viagraholics, you can break the hold and reclaim your life and your dignity.

Help is out there, Rush. All you have to do is ask. We invite you to come to a Viagraholics Anonymous meeting and join us. The choice is yours - our door is open to you.

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