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Breaking the Cycle of Viagra Dependency

How do you break away from the destructive cycle of Viagra dependency once you are mired in it? Here are some suggestions to start you on the road to recovery:

1. Admit you have a problem. The first step you must take in reclaiming your life is the hardest for many, and that is simply recognizing that you have a problem. There is no way to get better until you acknowledge that you need help. You must admit to yourself, and to another person, that you are Viagra dependent and that you cannot control your behavior. Many men find that once they make this admission, they feel a profound sense of relief, unburdening, and hope, because the healing has already begun.

2. What drives your compulsion? Try to understand what is driving your Viagra dependency. Getting to the root of your compulsion is important to overcoming it. These underlying causes need to be addressed in a healthy and constructive manner.

  • Are you abusing Viagra as part of a pattern of thrill-seeking behavior?
  • Are you abusing Viagra as an escape from boredom and loneliness?
  • Are you abusing Viagra to compensate for low self-esteem?
Be honest with yourself and look at the real reasons behind your Viagra abuse and make a plan for coping with these fundamental issues.

3. What are your triggers? What triggers your addictive Viagra behavior? Depression? Disappointment or humiliation? Feelings of sexual inadequacy? Addicts need to identify the trigger mechanisms that set off their addictive cycles. When you recognize the triggers that set you off, you can anticipate them and find more constructive ways of dealing with them. Then, when these situations arise, you can have a strategy in place so you can cope with the stressful emotions and circumstances without turning to Viagra.

4. Seek healing. Seek to heal yourself as a whole person. While many people focus on the sexual aspects of Viagra dependency, this addictive behavior is complex and involves physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects of a person. If you don�t address the deep-seated shame, pain, and feelings of deprivation or dissatisfaction in all aspects of your life, the addictive behavior will return or resurface in another guise.

5. Get support. Help is available through Viagraholics Anonymous. Reach out to others who can help you and involve them in your struggle to stay upright and restore your dignity. As you heal your relationships with those in your life, they will want to stand by you and help you become the man you can be. Remember that many others have been here before, and have found recovery. You are not alone.


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