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How Can I Lessen Side Effects?

Short Answer: The number one thing you can do to lessen side effects is to take a lower dose. The lower the dose, the less likely you are to experience side effects.

Long Answer: We can't stress this enough. With Levitra, the less the better. More of the drug won't necessarily work better for you, and the lower the dose, the less likely you are to experience side effects. So experiment with lower dosages until you find the optimal one for you. Using a pill cutter, available at any drugstore, makes it easy to adjust your dose. Take a 20 mg pill and divide it into fourths. Try Levitra first at 5mg. If that doesn't work, increase to 10 mg or 20mg (the maximum dose).

There are other tricks to help deal with side effects. Many people find that drinking a lot of water along with the pill helps with headaches and nasal congestion. You can also experiment taking Levitra with and without food to see which works better for you. If you experience headaches, you might try taking an over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol along with Levitra.

If you take Levitra over a long period of time, side effects should lessen.

Side effects with Levitra should be mild and should go away within a few hours. If side effects are more serious or last a longer time, you should contact a doctor immediately.

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