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I am taking a specific drug, can I take Levitra too?

We get many email questions asking about the safety of taking Levitra with specific drugs. We do not offer medical advice, so we cannot answer these questions. However, you can read the FDA-approved package insert which lists drugs that are a concern. Click here to read the insert.

When you get a prescription for Levitra, make sure you tell your doctor about EVERY drug you are taking. This is true if you are getting a prescription in person or getting it online. Using a reputable online pharmacy like Emedsrx.com ensures that a US-licensed doctor and pharmacist review your prescription. In addition, we HIGHLY recommend that you contact your primary care physician and tell them about your plans to take Levitra. Ask him or her if Levitra is appropriate for your medical condition.


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I am taking a specific drug, can I take Levitra too?


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