Taking Viagra with Alcohol and Food
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I do have a party lifestyle sometimes and have had it with a fair amount of alcohol - definitely the alcohol isn't a good thing. It reduces the effect and increases the headache. Best times are with no alcohol, or a glass or two only is fine.
- Australia, Age 35

For me the effects of Viagra are greatly diminished if taken before or with a meal.  Much better on an empty stomach and no alcohol. - Bob, age 63, California

I also noticed that drinking alcohol reduced the effectiveness of the Viagra. My solution was NO alcohol before sex, and only the 25 mg dose. Works great, and no side effects noticed. - Phil, Age 60, California

I can't eat anything at all before I take it or its effects are decreased considerably.

Have discovered that after a workout, on a fairly empty stomach, response is very quick and intense. Taken with meals really causes a lag for me. - Bob, Age 45

I get a headache but it is worth it.50 mg on empty stomach seems to work best. - Mike

Viagra will work better on an empty stomach, and keep off the alcohol.  - Age 51

I used it with food both times and also had a few beers after I took it and had no problem. - Age 44, New York

I am single but have sex about once each week thanks to Viagra. Currently I take the 50 mg tab and it works for me best if taken on an empty stomach. It is mostly ineffective if taken on a full stomach. - Age 81

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