Viagra Helps with Premature Ejaculation
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I take Viagra 25mg with a full glass of water. Foreplay with my wife lasts about 20 minutes then making love with her. It lasts 15 minutes .Without Viagra it last about 3 minutes. - Age 62

Even though I don't suffer from ED I do suffer from premature ejaculation and decided to give a 50 mg dose a try one hour before sex. While I didn't get harder than usual, they lasted much longer and I was able to have 3 repeat sessions over the next 2 hours. - Age 53

I'm 49 and I've been taking some medication that made me shoot a little prematurely, though I had no problem getting an erection. 50mg of Viagra has worked very well. The stuff did a nice job of correcting my problem. I can go for a long time now before climaxing, and there is better control.

Since I've started taking the pill, not only has my sex drive rapidly increased, but I can have sex for hours on ends. That's right... without that yucky premature ejaculation. My penis can stay rock hard for at least 4 hours. It not only gets harder when I take the pill, it gets fuller, longer, and I can hold on to my sperm until I satisfy my lady. - Age 73

Just a little stimulation, then a hard stiff cock. Self confidence, no anxiety regarding early ejaculation.  Amazing the blue tablet. I recommend it for all over aged 50. - Age 55

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