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Note: If you are taking any medication or have any medical condition, consult with your physician before taking any new medicine, including Viagra.

No Side Effects

My wife & I suspected I had ED and hence consulted my GP. 50 mg was sufficient to get me going in an hour. My boner was hard and my wife really liked it. I lasted for 45 minutes before I shot the first load. After an hour or so, I was ready as a rock. Another 30 minutes of riding with the wife I came with an explosion. I take diabetic medication and cholesterol tablets. I have had no side effects. Great blue diamond. I had the feeling I can control the orgasm at will. Great discovery !! - Jo, Age 46, New Zealand\

50 mg works great

I started taking Viagra about a year ago and it is great. I started off taking 100mg. now I take only 50mg. it works great. After suffering from Diabetes and I had completely lost my ability to satisfy my wife. But now we have sex and she loves it as well. The only side effect that I have noticed is Indigestion afterwards. Keep It Up! - Age 37, Tennessee

My Fears Were Allayed

 I am 51 years old. My wife is 34 years old. Since I have had type II diabetes for 11 years it began to affect my ability to maintain an erection. I could always get one but it would not last more than a few minutes before getting soft. When my wife would give me one of her excellent blowjobs I would get erect. Then as we repositioned for intercourse it would go soft. After a number of times of this frustration I decided to talk to my doctor about the problem. He informed me that the problem is typical in patients with diabetes and so he prescribed 100mg tabs and to take 1/2 tab a half hour before sex. Well, I had my doubts but I took the 50mg and waited. My fears were allayed when, as I was talking to my wife, I began to get an erection in my underwear that became hard as ice. She was amazed as I was. It got hard from just rubbing around in my underwear. We had the most exciting sex in many different positions and I was at full hard-on for the entire time.

50mg worked so well for me. I have had only the slight stuffiness as a side-effect with no headache or discolored vision. My wife exclaimed at the volume of semen that I shot when ejaculating. She could not believe it. I am so grateful for this medication as it has restored the excitement and longevity of our sexual practices and I no longer have performance anxiety as my performance is now stellar. YAY Viagra!  - Kevin, Age 51, St. Paul, MN

Viagra works!

Viagra works!! I started taking Viagra in August. At first I was taking 100mg. They seemed to take forever to work. In fact they did work great the morning after I took it. I was told to reduce the dose with a pill splitter and low and behold I found that a 25mg dose is right for me. I'm 51..overweight ..taking 4 different meds for high blood pressure and diabetes and now I can have 2-3 rounds of sex anytime I take 25mg of Viagra. It works!!!! - Age 51, Iowa

The 6 Pack

Wow! I've had Type 1 Diabetes for several years. While I've maintained excellent blood glucose control, my erections had begun to leave a little to be desired. I finally talked to my doctor who provided me with "the 6 pack" of Viagra. He recommended I cut the 50mg tab in half. And thank goodness. I'm not sure I was that hard when I was 18! It works great.... and so far, no side effects. - Age 33, DC

We'll Definitely Buy More

I noticed that no women had provided their experiences here so, felt that I should share, as the partner of a man who was living with erectile dysfunction. For nearly eight years, we hadn't enjoyed a good bonk. Sure, we did other stuff and to be fair, that was, for the most part, pretty good. But after talking to his doctor, my partner got a sample of Viagra (he has high blood pressure and diabetes, plus is on narcotic pain killers) and around 30 minutes after taking the entire 100 mg tablet, the best word to describe this is "WOW!!!!!" So good that I'd forgotten how great it felt to do it. We've been talking about it off and on all day and will definitely be getting some more Viagra although we don't want it to be the main focus of our sexual activity. My lover and I have learned a lot from not screwing for all these years and instead we've been doing other stuff. I suggest that some of you men get your partners to post their experiences with Viagra, as it affects the two of you. Or three, four, or however many! - Happy, Age 40

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