How Many Viagra Items Can You Find?

Famous for their beauty and charm, pharmaceutical sales reps have another way to get noticed: lots and lots of giveaways. In addition to free drug samples, the big drug companies create knickknacks to keep their brand names in front of doctors and patients. We searched long and hard for Viagra tchotchkes. See how many you can find in the three pictures below.


Getting a physical's never fun, but maybe visions of that magic blue pill will ease things along. Not only can a doctor dress in Viagra garb, much of the exam can be performed with the help of Viagra-branded supplies. (Show the Answer)

Your favorite prescription will have plenty of company in the medicine cabinet, thanks to all the personal care and hygiene products available with the Viagra imprint. Now you can start and end your day with help from Vitamin V.  (Show the Answer)

It could be difficult to keep your mind on your job when your workstation is fitted out with Viagra-emblazoned desk accessories. On the other hand, maybe they'll provide the dose of motivation you need to keep going strong from 9 to 5.  (Show the Answer)

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