Viagra Item Search Answers


There are 24 items in the exam room:

A: Exam table tissue paper

B: Disposable exam gown

C: Sphygmanometer
(blood pressure cuff)

D: Lab coat

E: Stethoscope tag

F: Scarf

G: Scrub cap

H: Chart holder

I: Wristwatch

J: Percussion reflex hammer

K: Insulated travel mug

L: Sample-box paperweight

M: Tote bag

N: Prescription stamp

O: Liquid soap dispenser

P: Anatomical model of
male reproductive tract

Q: Liquid soap/gel dispenser

R: Plastic travel mug

S: Facial tissue

T: Organizer

U: Viagra bottle

V: Foam stress-relief
squeeze toy

W: Glove/tissue box holder

X: Briefcase

The bathroom has 12 items:

A: Mirror

B: Knit shirt

C: Necktie with Viagra
name pattern

D: Necktie with Viagra logo pattern

E: Viagra bottle

F: Stopwatch

G: Liquid soap/gel dispenser

H: Liquid soap dispenser

I: Facial tissue

J: Organizer/toothbrush holder

K: Liquid soap/lotion dispenser

L: Adhesive bandages

The desk has 11 items:

A: Note cube

B: Keychain/flashlight/
pill holder

C: Stapler

D: Clipboard

E: Message book

F: Keychain

G: Wristwatch

H: Notepad

I: Pens

J: Foam stress-relief
squeeze toy

K: Mousepad


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