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Which Costs More, Levitra or Viagra?

Levitra and Viagra cost about the same. At some pharmacies one may be slightly cheaper than the other, and others the prices are identical.  For instance, at Emedsrx.com, ten 100 mg Viagra pills cost $134.50 while ten 20 mg Levitra pills cost $130.00.

Viagra Levitra
Price per pill of maximum dose at Emedsrx.com $13.45/each (100 mg pill) $13.00/each (20 mg pill)
Price per average dose $6.73/dose (50 mg dose) $6.50/dose (10 mg dose)

The cheapest way to buy either drug is to buy the maximum dose (100 mg for Viagra and 20 mg for Viagra) and use a pill-cutter to cut the pill into smaller pieces.

Levitra vs. Viagra
Overall, which is better, Levitra or Viagra?
Which works faster?
Which has fewer side effects?
If I take both will it work better?
Viagra doesn't work for me, will Levitra?
What is the equivalent dose?
Which costs less?


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