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A Story of Viagra - 
As I have heard from others

This is a story of two older people. A man, a wife, who have experienced 50 years of marriage and a good - not always GREAT - but, a good, satisfying sex life. This couple raised six very normal, inquisitive children, this was quite a feat. This was not always easy, especially when you lived in a crowd. This is also not easy when one's head is filled with six different images doing six different things.

When this couple felt like "getting together," the best intervention, when the children were small, was the wonderful TV show of "Lassie." They could always disappear and return before the story ended, like they had never left the room. Better than doing dishes together in the kitchen. They always made sure the kids had plenty of popcorn available.

Of course as the children grew, robes and men's pajamas come into the scene, as one tends to cover up more from 12 blinking eyes. No more nudity between the sheets or see-through gowns. They would also either wake up much earlier, or stay up later to ensure that sleep had overcome the other bedrooms, and they learned to lock their bedroom door when needed.

Then, as the kids grew even older, life was left vacant with the children scattered here and there. Sometimes they didn't know where their children were, or what they were doing. Now they worried about them. But, at least, they had free time in their life to do whatever and wherever! Was it really great being alone? Lots of fun? They said that sometimes they thought t it was more fun being sneaky.

Now they had time to go to more parties and spend more time with people their age. No baby sitter worries. No high price for a late evening out.

Have you ever noticed that talk always comes around to sex it in conversations and listening to others. You listen, and since there are no problems with intimacy in your life, you tend to feel sorry for the ones that have the problems but NO, you never snicker. Later, when you and your spouse are alone - you chuckle over the stories and think "Oh, aren't we lucky"!

Now came this couple's older age. The children had all married and moved away. So much for free time. Did they really have a problem finding "the time" when they were younger? Why were they so tired now? Nice to go to bed to read...and sleep.

Then with old age comes prostrate problems, urinary problems, back problems, the horrible "C" word and the dreaded chemo.

At one of the doctor appointments they saw a large sign on the wall and it said: "ARE YOU A CANDIDATE FOR VIAGRA?" Soon they were thinking Viagra. Life was slipping away and they weren't getting any younger. A prescription was written.

They had heard about it, read about it, but they never thought it would be something they would bring into their home. The prescription was filled. $10.00 a pill. Sex was expensive now.

Bob Doyle. Nice guy. Public figure. Say's he has used it and it's great! Said all this on television. Now they were going to try it.

The nice couple said, Viagra is what they called "the pencil maker." It turned flesh that once was a rigid phallus turned limp, into an erect pointy tipped object. In 60 minutes a weird phenomenon would happen upon swallowing this pill.

The wife said that she soon dreaded the sound of the cupboard opening and the words "in one hour". They were never alone anymore. There was always that "stranger" between them. Of course the stranger came and went quickly, so you could never get to know him very well.

Thank God, they said that the chemo was over now and all seemed well. God had been good to them so far. He gave them a gift of life. The "C" word had disappeared and they wouldn't start to worry again until the next checkup. The second best gift was that they didn't have to think and hear "one hour" any more and that strange pointy little guy is gone and replaced by the guy they once knew. Bob Doyle, you were right. Viagra does work for the essential aspect of the human condition.

It's good that one can turn to Viagra in an emergency. The Couple said they were glad that at least they had the opportunity to perform sex, to be close to one another and give comfort to each other. They were also glad that they were back to a more normal life. The doctor's can prescribe all the Viagra they wish, but truly you can't beat (pun) a natural.

The bottom line is: Do you think that the Viagra helped the "little pointy guy" get going again? The prescription bottle will remain in the bathroom cabinet. It's nice to feel secure.


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