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We salute some of the heroes and pioneers in erectile dysfunction treatment

Dr. Vincent Marie Mondat - Inventor of the Penis Pump

This 19th century French physician created the first known penis pump, which he called the "Congestor". It looked and worked pretty much like the penis pumps we're all familiar with.


A pump similar to Mondat's invention

Here's his description of the device: "The congester is held with one hand, while the other works the piston to create a vacuum, and the corpus cavernosum soon swells, the blood gradually penetrates into every part...we can always increase considerably the development of the penis, excite erections in individuals destitute of them, and re-establish them when lost." Mondat also wrote and lectured on the treatment of impotence, contributing his knowledge to the field, as well as this enduring apparatus.

Dr. Sigmund Freud - Psychoanalyst

Freud's psychoanalytic theories about impotence radically changed the course of erectile dysfunction treatment, and remained influential for much of the 20th century. Cures for ED as a physical condition were all but forgotten, as Freud asserted that repressed childhood desires and fear of castration were the primary causes of impotence. Patients who would once have seen a urologist were referred to the psychiatrist's couch. While this may have been helpful in some cases, it wrongly led many more to attribute their ED to Oedipal issues.

As Freud himself supposedly said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Nevertheless, his work highlights the difficulty in separating out interpersonal issues and physical responses in sexuality.


Alfred Kinsey - Sex Researcher

With information culled from thousands of interviews, Kinsey's groundbreaking report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, gave the first comprehensive look into the sex lives of American men, including their struggles with impotence.

Kinsey's research revealed that erectile dysfunction was far more common than once suspected. While Kinsey's work didn't necessarily shed any light on the causes of ED, it did allow for the start of further dialogue and research on the subject, and provided assurance to many ED sufferers that they were not alone.




Giles Brindley - Neurophysiologist

Dr. Giles Brindley is known for what may be the most dramatic demonstration ever in the field of urology - or perhaps any scientific field. While giving a lecture at the 1983 Symposium of the Urodynamics Society, Dr. Brindley announced that he had injected his own penis with papaverine, and then dropped his drawers to display the resulting erection. In case anyone suspected he might be faking it with a prosthesis or implant, Brindley invited members of the audience to inspect the proof at closer range. A researcher who often used himself as a test subject in experiments, Brindley had previously tested 95 drugs by injecting them into his penis. Ouch. For his dedication to his work and willingness to put himself out there - literally - Brindley earns entry to the Hall of Fame.

Nicholas Terrett, Peter Dunn, Albert Wood - Inventors of Viagra

Although Viagra sprang from the laboratories of Pfizer, no one can (or will) say who actually deserves credit for inventing the erectile dysfunction wonder drug. The pharmaceutical company is tight-lipped about the drug's origins, and all those involved refuse to comment. However, we know that these three gentlemen were all involved in creating Viagra. Nicholas Terrett was one of the chemists who originally created the compound sildenafil as a heart medication. Peter Dunn and Albert Wood were responsible for the development of Viagra in pill form. Collectively, their work has benefited countless men with ED, and for this all three share a place in our Hall of Fame.



Bob Dole - Politician and Viagra Spokesman

When senator and former presidential candidate Bob Dole became the first celebrity spokesman for Viagra, he gave a face to erectile dysfunction. Maybe not the most glamorous face, but he paved the way for others, like sports figures Pele and Rafael Palmiero, who went on to endorse Viagra. We salute Dole for his willingness to step up and publicly admit his ED, thereby helping other men to overcome the shame around this condition and talk openly about it with their doctors.



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