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What does the name "Levitra" mean?

Short Answer: "Levitra" is a made up brand name that doesn't really mean anything.

Long Answer: Though "Levitra" is a made-up word without any meaning, we can examine some possible reasons why this brand name was chosen. First, it sounds like "levitate", which means to rise up; if you take Levitra, your penis is supposed to rise up, so this is a good connotation. It has also been suggested that the name is derived from the French masculine pronoun "le" and the Latin "vita" meaning life.

"Levitra" also has some similarities to "Viagra." "Levit-ra" ends in a -ra, just like "Viagra". Both also have three syllables.

When a new drug is released, it is assigned two names. The generic name and the brand name. "Levitra" is the brand name and "vardenafil" is the generic name.

The brand name is designed for marketing purposes, so that it is easy to remember and say for patients and doctors. Big drug companies spend millions of dollars marketing their new drugs, and so they spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands selecting the brand name. The "Levitra" name was developed by The Brand Institute which also named Lipitor, Relenza, Allegra D, Sarafem and Celebrex.

Bayer filed for the US Trademark for Levitra on February 8, 2000. Around the same time it filed for "Afortix" and "Nuviva", perhaps these were other possible names for the drug?

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