Ozzy Osbourne: My love-life is limp
Sex Pistols: Hard rock and hard c*ck
Julio Iglesias: Viagra, mi corazon

James Woods: Superman in the sack?
Robert Wagner: A withering remark
Ray Winstone: Oops! It's not a prop pill

Vidal Sassoon: The secret to stiffer hair

Mark Martin: Viagra put fuel in his tank
Guy LaFleur: Take Viagra and puck it
Pele: Viagra fans uprising in Brazil

Rush Limbaugh: "Demos planted  Viagra on me"
Bob Dole: Never too old for Viagra
Saddam Hussein: Iraq's impotent potentate
Uday Hussein: It runs in the family

Hugh Hefner: V is "the best recreational drug"
Rupert Murdoch: Viacom buying Viagra?

Viagra Left Me Breathless
Ben Affleck says Viagra made an unforgettable first-time impression on him. Hear how it got the Hollywood heartthrob's heart pounding and nearly knocked him off his feet. Will he go back for round two? 

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Keep It in Your Pants, Carrey
Nothing can keep Jim Carrey down now that he's found Viagra. The excitable boy got so worn out from his hard work on camera that he lost the energy to perform in bed. Find out how Viagra kept him from getting limp and limper.

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All You Need Is Love (and Viagra)
Ex-wife of ex-Beatle McCartney ends the mystery: Paul is dead after all - unless he takes his Viagra. More
Dumbledore Out of the Viagra Closet
Harry Potter's Richard Harris cancelled an evening out because he couldn't zip his pants. Isn't that what robes are for? More
Douglas Finds Fountain of Youth
Michael Douglas says Viagra helps him keep up with younger wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. More
Rock Out With Your Cash Out
Motley Crue singer Vince Neil tells how one pill kept him going and going...through $15,000 worth of call girls. More
Where'd I Put That Crystal Buttplug?
Yanni's ex-girlfriend tells all about the New Age muzak guru's kinks, sex toy collection, and his jones for Viagra. More
Wife Hurt While Riding Cowgirl
Actress Leslie Ash's injuries caused by Viagra-powered footballer Lee Chapman's vigorous bucking. More
La Traviagra?
With a wife 34 years his junior, tenor Luciano Pavarotti had reason to sing the praises of the blue pill. More
James Caan: A Solo Act
Tough guy Caan confesses to Playboy that he's taken Viagra - when he's home alone! More
Jack Nicholson is a no-show at the pharmacy -- he sends his girlfriend to pick up his Viagra prescription! Read More
Not Again, Nick!
Despite multiple DUIs, Nick Nolte tells reporters he can't travel without Viagra. Read More
Ex-GF: "Charlie's a Perv!"
Bad boy Charlie Sheen's gal pal says he uses Viagra "every time" he has sex. Read More
Sizemore's Heavy Viagra Habit
Actor Tom Sizemore wouldn't pass a drug test for Viagra, among other things. Read More
Like a Kid in a Candy Store
Director Oliver Stone's buddy says he "eats the stuff like candy corn." Read More
Too Shocking for TV


V for Viagra: Find out about Jerry Springer's backstage antics with a porn star, his wild threesome, and their trashy hotel sex tape. His excuse: "The Viagra made me do it!" Read More