V and T - Not a Winning Combo After All?

Thumbnail image for research_icon.jpgBoth Viagra and testosterone are used to treat men  with erectile dysfunction - it seems like if they both work, the might work better together, wouldn't you think? Apparently not so, according to studies of men 40-70 who were suffering some degree of ED. Adding testosterone to a Viagra regimen didn't hurt anything, but it didn't help either.

In this experiment 140 men were prescribed Viagra, took it for three to seven weeks, then were randomly selected to receive either Testim, a testosterone gel, or a placebo gel. Over the next three months, there was no additional sexual improvement in either the testosterone gel or placebo group. No difference in erectile ability and "no difference between the two groups on measures of sexual desire, orgasm and frequency of intercourse."

Interestingly, the men's testosterone levels increased automatically as a result of taking Viagra, but adding more didn't have any apparent effect. Of course, men who have low testosterone need to be treated for reasons other than sexual dysfunction, as low T can lead to fatigue, depression, and bone loss. And yes, boner loss.