Patent Ruling Drives Canadian Viagra Prices Down

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgAfter losing a challenge to its Viagra patent in Canadian courts, Pfizer is trying to keep its footing in the marketplace by dropping the price of its product. They really didn't have a choice. With consumers being given the option of purchasing lower cost generic sildenafil, Pfizer couldn't bank on brand loyalty keeping their users from switching to the no-name drug.

Although, I could see the generic version taking a while to catch on, simply because the phrase "generic Viagra" has for so long been a phony promise of sketchy online pharmacies, who in reality are delivering tablets of who knows what, contaminated with heavy metals, paint, and other toxins.

On the other hand, once the corner druggist starts stocking and the dispensing the generic, it's like to inspire more confidence.

For Pfizer, this is just the beginning of the patent expiration cliff - in a few years, things will really start dropping off, and if there are more successful patent challenges, it could come even sooner. How will Pfizer replace the revenue of its magic blue cash cow? Maybe they have a new pharmaceutical star in the wings. Viagra for ladies would do nicely.