Would You Buy an Erectile Dysfunction Drug From This Candidate?

Thumbnail image for humor_icon.jpgIf that whole presidential thing doesn't work out for Mitt Romney, we've got another career path that he can fall right into.

Expert analysis of stock video footage of Romney in action reveals he'd be a natural for promoting Pfizer's flagship brand. The folks at Buzzfeed make their point by simply superimposing a Viagra pill and the "Talk to your doctor" tagline over gifs of Romney going about his business.

Romney comes across like a more manly and vigorous Bob Dole - an active, successful baby boomer who's confident and at ease, having dealt with his ED. Whether shooting hoops, piloting a speedboat, driving a tractor or riding horses with his lovely blonde wife, Romney has an aura of nonthreatening WASP-y virility that should play well with potential Viagra consumers.

He also has exactly the right look to be a JCPenney menswear model, but I think he missed the boat on that one back in 1978.