A Missing Erection Viagra Can't Restore

Thumbnail image for news-icon.jpgViagra helps men who have lost their erections. But what about guys who lose, well, a critical part of their equipment?

Such is the dilemma of a Chinese villager who had his penis pilfered.

Fei Lin is a rural migrant worker in a village in eastern China. Judging from photos, the 41-year-old seems a pretty average looking guy - not the type you'd expect to find the ladies falling over. But apparently he got around with the gals, enough to rile up their husbands and boyfriends, who are suspected of snatching the victim's penis as revenge.

He says while he was sleeping, four masked men came into his room in the wee hours, put a bag over his head, yanked down his pants and cut off his penis. He didn't know what happened until he realized he was bleeding.

As John Wayne Bobbit demonstrated, all is not necessarily lost in this type of situation. Bobbit was able to have his penis surgically reattached. However, emergency medical staff tried to find the missing member to no avail, and unfortunately, there isn't much Viagra can do to help Mr. Lin get his erection back either.